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When you know you

04 апр 2019, 03:34

When you know you, it is cloudy, sunny, or rainy. I have long forgotten, but the day you said goodbye to us is cloudy, I will never forget, that day is the language review class after New Year's Day, we are still enchanted by the festive lazy state, all sleepy look, you �I am late to the classroom. Ask us how we review, then you say this is the last lesson, and the next semester is no longer the language you teach us. The dull classroom suddenly reacted like a current. "No, why." A series of slogans broke through the quietness of the classroom. Why is the good teacher not letting us have it for a long time, teacher! Do you know us? Which of the more than 60 classmates do not like you, love you, worship you. You care about us and how much you trust your classmates. We have a lot of respect and love for you behind the haha. You have a slap in the lectures, it seems that you can take out the jade and jade liquid to make us intoxicated, let us be infected, so that we have the desire to learn Chinese. We have to remember what you have to remember in your class. Even the most difficult "who is also". Since you went up, we felt that it was so easy and interesting. Why do you say so early, why don't we use it? The calmest Cigarette Wholesale Prices, most superb thinking of the class you have taken is good? Why are you so late, why not let us remember the teaching process of each of your classes with the most fiber nerves. If you say goodbye, push our passionate confidence to the lowest canyon. We must help you apply, the application is our teacher, but you said no, our heart is broken Marlboro Lights Online, and it will be broken forever. It��s that we are not too noisy Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa, we are too lazy? Can everything be come back again? Cruel time Cigarette Cartons For Cheap, where are you eager to go, we want to extend you longer and longer, but not able. Your wonderful class may only be able to reproduce the night and quiet in the dream, half awake and half drunk midnight, once again take out the textbooks you have been on the side of the table, open the friendly page to find the best memories, yellow notes seem to be Can sway out the scene at the time. Beautiful fantasy and beautiful memories can only be entrusted to enter the dream of the new semester, when the sound of the singer is ringing again, you set foot on the other side of the platform, let us leave deep regrets, forever regret. Yes, the beautiful scenery is always born for the world. The flowery fragrance should intoxicate more people. The beautiful happy days should be owned by more people. Is it true that a good gardener should not feed more flowers of the motherland? Is there a banquet in the world? It is written on campus Marlboro 100S Carton. When I reread this article, I feel like I have a little rose color. Is it a love affair? I can��t say it until now! At that time, I only felt that it was a very important part of my heart. It was my regret and regret forever.
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