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es in pyramid schemes is no

13 май 2019, 10:01

es in pyramid schemes is no exception. I ran off. I continue to talk about it. Routine I have written a short story called "My Day in a MLM Group", which I mentioned in detail in "On Writing". When I wrote this novel, I wrote a bridge at 12 o'clock in the evening. I came out from the mahjong hall, holding a bottle of toasted wine in my hand, staggering on the road, walking and licking the boss: "Dead Sao goods, in front of Laozi out of the old." The yellowing of the street lamp shines on this broken cement road, then I fell asleep on the lamppost without consciousness. I don��t know how long it took to sleep, I was stunned by a splash of water. I thought it was raining. I opened my eyes. It turned out that a young man riding a motorcycle was flying away from the water in front of me. I yelled at my mother. A bazi," picked up the bottle and smashed it, but unfortunately he has gone far. I subconsciously looked at the time, it is already half past two in the morning. I also took some wine and prepared to go back to the company's dormitory Newport Cartons Sold In The Usa. Soon after I arrived in the city, I only know how the road to the dormitory is going. The dormitory is in a remote neighborhood. I have to wear a lot of alleys when I go back. There are a lot of hair salons in the alley, although it is already at 2:30 in the morning, the signs outside the hair salon and the lights inside are bright. I am sighing at the first time in the big city. The competitiveness of the big city is too strong. Everything is so dedicated. I stood on the street, thinking that my colleagues should sleep now. I will definitely affect their rest now, but I will stay here tonight. I will look at it through the dim street lights. There are three hair salons, two pedicures, and an adult shop. There are only two hair salons lit up now, and I chose a high-end one to knock on the door. Inside, a female voice "come came. Immediately after, a middle-aged woman in a white pajamas opened her door with a sleepy eye and said, "Come in. "I walked straight into the barber chair, and the woman asked: "Blocks and clocks?" "I took out the pocket from yesterday, the boss of the history gave me my mobile phone and looked at the clock and said, accommodation. The woman said, come with me. She led me to a house in the community behind the store, I sat. On the living room sofa, six beautiful women came out of the bedroom. I chose a woman named Bingbing, and then I went to the other room in the community to enter the room. After I lay down on the bed, I was a little drunk, saying: Mom took Bazi, Liu Bang led dozens of fellow villagers to establish Dahan, Zhu Yuanzhang led more than a dozen brothers to establish Daming Cigarettes Marlboro 100'S, Mao Zedong led the ten marshals to establish a new China Carton Of Newport Shorts Cigarettes Online, Laozi took three people, lost three thousand ice and laughed Laughed and said: "I take a shower first." I said yes, then I went to sleep. After she took a shower, she squatted on my bed and rubbed my face. I was hugged by her and hugged her. She said, "You also Go to wash, wine taste." I said: "You are in the north, she snorted and said yes, how do you know. I said the accent, after I showered, suddenly a loud knock on the door came. Shouted: "Police, round the room. My first reaction was to open the window and run. I saw that it was the fourth floor. I watched the niece named Ice Bing curled up on the bed with his knees. The people outside were still yelling, and I panicked them. I saw, I was shirtless and the woman on the bed, immediately pressed me to the ground and shouted, didn��t move, grabbed my hand with my hand, and two people pressed me to the bed, I just saw that they were wearing The three policemen in plain clothes, but they are not like the police except for a handcuff. One of them asked me: "Are you still taking drugs? "I said no, just drinking. He said: "I have to catch a hundred hackers a year. It is impossible to send them to the office. The police station can't handle it either." If you are caught for the first time like you, we are not allowed to take light punishment Buy Us Marlboro Online. "I said: "Police officer, then take care from it. Our company has just got on the right track. I will have an impact on the company when I go in." He looked up and down and said, "Oh? Do you still have a unit? "I said yes. He said, I missed the first time you committed a crime and paid a fine. I said, "Okay, good, the money is in my jacket pocket." He smashed from my pocket and took all the remaining two thousand dollars, plus a mobile phone sent by the history boss. He said: "We must punish you at least 8,000 according to the situation, and your mind is quite high." Also, this woman is not the first time to commit a crime, we have to take her back to the police station. "When they finished, they solved my handcuffs and walked with this ice. The next day I went back to the company and the dog told me about it. The dog said that I was jumped. I asked to jump, he Say, the immortal jump digest is here, I want to write the novel "My Day in the MLM Group" in an essay on "On the Road" because I have stopped writing this novel, one of which is The following drama road is too old-fashioned. Secondly, it has similar plots with Han Han��s "After the Future" and "1988". Thirdly, a friend of mine told me that the fairy jump is not such a jump Order Marlboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa. Then I put the original manuscript. I still deleted the electronic file, and now I have some regrets, I recorded it in this article to pay homage to the world that I have been to.
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