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That was a past t

Добавлено: 03 июн 2019, 03:36
That was a past three years ago. On that day, the school received the book fee. The teacher asked me and Xiao Gang to be the toll collector Parliament Cigarettes. The teacher recorded the number on the morning. I came to the school. The school gate opened early. I immediately ran into the teacher and saw that the person had not All the time, the class teacher has arrived. After the teacher and I finished greeting and put down the schoolbag, I went to the station on the stage with a sigh of relief: Ha! This time the work of the toll collector is mine Carton Of Cigarettes. After a while, Xiaogang also rushed into the teacher, put down his schoolbag, and quickly walked to the podium. I received one yuan, five yuan, Xiaogang received ten yuan, so the fee began, the teacher began to call, number one, two... and then the money in our hands gradually increased." No. 36". At this time, the teacher called the classmate. After the number was recorded on the teacher on the 36th, I took the money. However, I suddenly found out that he gave me two more yuan. I started my selfishness: Oh! It��s really helping me, just missing a manuscript. I looked around, and no one found it. Unfortunately, the Xiaogang next to him saw the money. So I whispered to me and whispered, "I can see that you have swallowed two yuan for private money. I will pay you a dollar for the next class. I won��t call you a small report!" Without waiting for me to return, he moved to the side and continued to collect money. . My originally fragile heart has become even more uneasy. How can I take care of this ill-gotten gain? I can't tell others that I don't become a thief? No matter what, I took it and I didn't return it. I received the money and gave it to the teacher. The classmates on the 36th rushed to the teacher anxiously: "I lost two yuan, teacher!" After that, he cried sadly. The teacher counted the money and counted Marlboro Red, that is, no more than two yuan. The teacher asked: "Who received the denomination of the dollar?" I slowly raised my hand, the teacher called me up, I felt the sweat on my forehead, I don't know where the courage said casually: "Yes & The teacher who is a good teacher in elementary school Cheap Cigarettes, "I sat down. I looked at the anxious expression of the classmate Wholesale Cigarettes, and my heart was shaken. Even if you don't want manuscript paper, don't lose your integrity! After class, Xiaogang has two pockets to control my money. I refused him. I have to return it to the 36th. "I will tell you the teacher immediately," Xiaogang said. Xiao Gang ran to tell the teacher, I returned the money to the 36th. This time I said a good faith lie, this is what I found. He thanked and thanked me. My face was slightly feverish and the teacher did not criticize me. He also praised me as a good boy with integrity.
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