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es of smashing sand, a

04 сен 2019, 09:33

There are always some people who are swaying in the surging rivers, driving a boat, or leading a fleet, and want to insert their own flag in the middle of the river. Historical rivers have never lacked a wave. Or, the river of history, there is never a shortage of people who want to be a river bank. A wave of heroes, great men, leaders, a wave of heroes Cigarettes For Sale, cellars, and war-mongers stand up and then fall down Cigarettes Online. After falling down, they will stand up again and again, and they will be stacked one after another, building high on the left or right side of the river. The cliffs and shores want to make their own great achievements stand out, so that their river banks are strong, and silently declare: I have changed the rivers of historical history, and rushed through the rivers built by countless such river banks. History is a river, history is a flood, and history is a flood of people. Thousands of billions of people called "people", merged into one channel of water, flowing in all directions, hit the river bank and bounced back, gathered together to join together, in constant collision and entanglement Roaring and groaning forward, the turbulent torrent of tumbling may be followed by a person, perhaps following a group of people, perhaps creating something, perhaps destroying something, perhaps acting alone, maybe the people are united. It can be turned into invisible into the soil at any time, and it can be merged and formed when there is no road, and it will open up a new prospect. Water can carry a boat and can also overturn the boat. There has never been a regime that can go against the current, and there has never been a history of being able to break away from the vast majority of the peasants who are arable for sale. When calm, the river can moisten the land on both sides of the strait, bred with green grass and flowers; when angry, the river can also break through the obstacles Marlboro Lights, swallow the sand, and cut deep gorges on the plains and mountains. - The river bank is a monument to the heroes. It is also the memory of the indescribable people who have never lost their lives. Wrapped in time, rolling down, showing something, and what is buried? Calmness may mean mediocrity, because the dullness of the rice and oil is often able to ruin the most ideals. The short triviality of the parents often limits the vision of the high sorghum; the surge may mean riots, because the people in the unknown are always the most vulnerable. Factors, and more people who think they have insight into the world, often find a "sublime" reason to vent their irresentful grievances. People in the past and present in the past have become heroes or traitors in the snoring of the torrents - who knows? Unselfish and speculative, often wearing masks that are opposite to themselves in different people. Too much, succumb to public opinion, succumb to the villain, succumb to the rapid flow of time, there is always a wave of stocks or bright or dark waves, I do not know is the next name of the history of the princes, or the next self-directed Jumping beam clowns, is a generation of generations, or a few thousand miles of smashing sand, a few nine songs loopback, how many roaring, how many silence you are wrapped in the torrent. You are wrapped in history and marching forward. Maybe you become a monumental monument on the river bank. Maybe you will become a eternal soul in the water. Maybe you just move forward, rushing backwards, and stirring up a thousand years of ordinary waves in Hongchuan, because you In the torrent.

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