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th between the wild dog

04 сен 2019, 09:37

Nothing, just don't want to ride a bike. Jumping down, pushing the car slowly, going to school on the road in the morning, pressing the shit at the corner, ruining my good mood, so I went home at night and took the right to diarrhea.he sky is not as sunny as the previous days, plus the light yellow light, you can't see any stars. Layers of shadows are intertwined and entangled with each other. You grow short and I don��t stop. The autumn wind is not very cold. Even if you go uphill on the cart, you will not feel any coolness. On the contrary, the more dry and dry leaves curled up on the ground. Every foot is a dry cockroach Cheap Cigarettes, like a cruelly abandoned by the mother. The child complained to her mother before her death. There are still a lot of parents around to accompany the students when they go home to chat with the whispers. The louder voice can drift into the ears. It��s nothing more than today��s exam. Who is the teacher, and the teacher makes a joke. Trivial things like that. In addition to this, the chain and the flywheel rotate to make a series of "beep" sounds, and the rhythm is quite good. However, on weekdays, the bicycle rides fast. In addition to the wind, the noise of the vehicle's engine is slow. This slow down can listen to these usual unheard-of sounds. Don't have a taste, don't dare to close your eyes, fearing to be with the dog again. I met, but I can still control myself not to look at the side of the road. The lights along the road cast light and the light was shining, and I hid in the other side of the light, bathed in the darkness. There are only a few houses in the residential building that are lit up with lights, but they are not lively; there is a far cry from the crying of the baby who is not very clear and the endless back and forth between the wild dogs Wholesale Cigarettes. The unique smell of pine needles surrounded me, and I forgot the road that I had passed in a few minutes. This time it took me how long I turned into a small street, and my home was not far away. The street lights are no longer dense, and gradually adapt to the darkness, but pay more attention to the feet, two drunks in front, and the other side. The suits are worn, the people who wear them are like people, and the words in their mouths are rough. I usually speed up the past, and I can't understand it carefully. Now I have to watch a farce, and I sigh that "the world is in the air, the people are not old" and finally come home Parliament Cigarettes. My parents are too anxious: "How come so slow, this is a few points. I only said one thing: "The slow and slow benefits. ��
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