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Bananas, oranges, pears... These fruits are the same as everyone else, but these are not my favorites. My favorite fruit is apple. It tastes crunchy, fragrant and sweet in the mouth. Always give me a cool feeling that I can't tell. Just at the noon of a summer Cigarettes Online, my mother was holding me on the street. I saw that there were hawkers selling the smooth and red things on the street. It was very attractive. I smiled and said, "Mom, I want to Eat the fruit that the aunt sells like a child's face." Mom said without hesitation: "Okay. Mom will buy you a few pounds of apples" after a while? It turned out that this is the delicious apple that the children said is delicious. I must eat enough today! "I secretly said to myself. On the street, I watched the apples that kept appearing in front of me, the smooth, red skin, the round head, and the two heads with a small hole, which made me more admired. Heart. Seeing it is like a powder on the face of a singing opera, it is very beautiful. I really can't wait to go to the fruit stand and take a bite. Finally at the door, my mother walked to a fruit stand, I am I found out that there was also an apple sold at the door. I broke free from my mother��s arms and rushed to the fruit stand to grab one. The apple was cool and slippery in the hand, just like holding ice in his hand, just like The child's face is so smooth. I took a bite into the mouth and cautiously obeyed it. Looking at my cockroach Parliament Cigarettes, my mother smiled and told me to wash and peel the skin before eating. Waiting, my mother finally paid the money and returned home, washing the apples. I saw my mother cut the skin with a knife and bit by bit. "Scratch... rub... wipe..." The sound is like a mother The hand is playing with the instrument, making a moving and sweet music. The skin is getting longer and longer in the hands of the mother, just like a winding snake. The white meat in the skin not only exudes a small water droplet, but also gives off a seductive fragrance, which makes me slobber. They all flowed out. After taking the apple handed over by my mother, I couldn��t wait to bite a small mouth Online Cigarettes, and immediately issued a "not up, no" sound, which was crunchy, sweet, and fragrant. There is also a cool taste, it��s so beautiful. I bite a big bit again, the scent, sweetness, and coolness are stronger. Speaking jokes, if it��s not for my mother��s reminder, I��m sure that even the small nuclei in the apple Swallowed in the stomach. In just ten minutes, my mother bought five pounds of apples and almost wiped out nearly half of me. Since then, I have fallen in love with apples. I almost always see apples, I let Mom bought a few pounds and let these little things come to comfort the little mites in my stomach.

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