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t for many years. "Why is

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The taste of the scrambled eggs is still lingering on the tip of the tongue, never dissipating - the inscriptions are like well water, always so dull, with a little sweetness. In my memory, my grandfather seems to be holding a pipe, slowly spitting a smoke ring, or sweating in the field. Grandma, she is always busy in the kitchen Newport 100S. Every time I come back, my grandmother will always produce a steaming scrambled egg. The golden color is like a scent that always makes me drool Marlboro Lights. Every time I gorge it, I will clean it up and use it again. The tongue licks the lips and recollects it. Many years later, when I walked into the small courtyard surrounded by Daoxiang, my grandmother did not come to a plate of scrambled eggs. This time, I asked my grandmother a question that was doubtful in my heart for many years. "Why is it only in Grandma? Can a family eat such a delicious scrambled egg?�� The grandmother snorted, wiped her hand with an apron, and no smile on her face. The eyes looked into the distance, and there was sorrow and sadness in her eyes. She walked over to a bench and gently stroked the wood that had been eroded by the years. Grandma's full of wrinkled hands is so gentle, as if it is stroking the old treasure, which makes my doubts deeper. For a long while, the grandmother opened her mouth. "This scrambled egg, when you were a child, you loved it. Every time you do scrambled eggs Newport Cigarettes Coupons, your grandmother is very particular about it. You must use the fresh eggs of the day and add some rice wine from your hometown. She After I fell ill, I taught me over and over again, and I screamed at me again." Grandma said this, the hand touched the drawer and took out a stack of photos and handed it to me. "This is your great-grandmother, then she still holds you. I don��t know how many years, how many years,
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