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he struggle to conquer th

06 окт 2019, 09:29

d that the rich people had eaten the chicken. The father didn��t say much, but also laughed and thought about it now. What is it? Can the happiness that a person who tastes the prosperous life pursue is a simple chicken? - Remember, happiness does not depend on who you are or what you have. It depends only on what you think. - Carnegie What is happiness, many people have been thinking about this issue. Why can't I be happy? In fact, many people have their own pursuit of happiness - from a simple ice cream to an endless wealth. But these are just short-lived happiness. As a philosopher said: wealth, rights are just contemptuous happiness. What is eternal, it is setback. This is a well-known legend. Sisyphus violated the gods. In order to punish Sisyphus, the gods asked him to push a huge stone to the top of the mountain. Because the boulder was too heavy, he often rolled down the mountain without going to the top of the mountain. Repeating and never ending doing this �C the gods believe that there is no more severe punishment than doing this ineffective and hopeless labor. The life of Sisyphus was slowly exhausted in such an ineffective and hopeless work. But one day, Sisyphus discovered a new meaning in this lonely, absurd, desperate life process. He saw the boulder exuding a dynamic beauty under his impetus, he and the boulder The strength of the contest is as beautiful as dance. He was immersed in this happiness, so that he could no longer feel the pain. When the boulders no longer become the suffering of his heart, the gods no longer let the boulders roll down from the top of the mountain. Sisyphus surpassed his destiny in this wonderful discovery. At that subtle moment, Sisyphus turned back to the boulder, and he watched a series of life actions that were not directly related but linked to his own destiny, and found that he created his own destiny mokingusacigarettes.com. So he became harder than the rock he pushed. The struggle to conquer the summit itself is enough to enrich the human mind. Sisyphus finally found the kind of happiness that belongs to him. When you conquer the setbacks, you will get the happiness you had longed for during the conquest. When the glory of Sisyphus shines on our faces, when you face the huge stones in front of you, can you get the happiness that belongs to you? People's thirst for happiness is endless, or human ambition and desire are limitless. If you are attached to happiness itself, you will be lost in the pursuit of happiness, and you will never find the door to happiness Wholesale Cigarettes. But when you pursue happiness, when you conquer the setbacks Cigarettes Online, do you miss a small door, the memories inside may be happy passwords, whether happiness is too heavy, too much is not in the turm, but missed Too much too much. --postscript
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